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Mustafa Kapadia

Enterprise Transformational Consultant
Mustafa Kapadia is passionate about helping large complex organizations become agile. He is at his best and happiest when he is helping executives who have tried everything before but still have to see real benefits from agile – deliver software that customers love, quickly, and with less risk. He has helped 50+ organizations transform with 17+ years of experience in the tech. space. His expertise is in enterprise transformation, product teams, agile, design thinking, devops, cloud, lean, application development, outsourcing, offshoring etc. He is currently a Practice Leader with IBM’s Digital Transformation group. Prior to this, he led the DevOps Service Line and Cloud Automation practice. He lives in San Francisco Bay Area, is an avid blogger (when time permitting), a speaker, and advisor to start ups. He publishes a monthly newsletter, Digital Top 5. Curated content (with cliff notes) on the top articles on Digital Transformation. You can sign up at echo-point.com.