Mike Orzen

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Mike Orzen is a pioneer in applying Lean and Agile to information flow and digitization. His landmark book Lean IT  was among the first to explore how lean thinking and flow apply to enterprise digitization and the work of IT. He is the co-creator of the “The Three Ways" popularized by Gene Kim in The Phoenix Project.
With a consulting and coaching career spanning more than 25 years, Mike has gathered a unique blend of IT and business operations experience and successfully applied them to Lean digitization, Agile and DevOps to assist organizations in their pursuit of Enterprise Excellence. His personable approach and people-first philosophy has inspired leaders and empowered frontline workers to successfully apply conscious awareness and lean thinking in many complex work environments. 
He is the co-author of the award-winning books Lean IT and The Lean IT Field Guide and recipient of the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. He holds degrees from Stanford University and the University of Oregon. Mike is on the teaching faculty of the Lean Enterprise Institute, The Shingo Institute and the Ohio State University Fisher School of Business.
 When he’s not traveling around the world consulting with clients and sharing his vision of flow in the digitized enterprise, he resides in Portland, Oregon with his cat Harvest.

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