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Tuesday, September 18


Developing and Delivering Jenkins in the cloud
In this session, we’ll discuss the real-life implementation of Jenkins’ development and delivery infrastructure in the cloud as it has evolved from a mix of platforms to Microsoft Azure.  Expect a frank discussion of how issues that were encountered along the way were overcome, how the architecture has evolved, and what’s on the roadmap.  We’ll share important tips and tricks for implementing your own Jenkins infrastructure on any cloud, based on Jenkins’ own experience with their implementation.

avatar for Brian Benz

Brian Benz

Brian is a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, helping Java developers to get the most out of Azure. Before Joining Microsoft, he was a solution architect, consultant, developer, author and presenter at IBM, Deloitte, and other companies. Find him on Twitter @bbenz.(headshot... Read More →
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Olivier Vernin


Tuesday September 18, 2018 11:15am - 12:00pm
DevOps Theater
Wednesday, September 19


Concise Pipelines with Shared Libraries
Jenkins Pipeline as code gives us the power to implement just about any continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline we might need. However, with larger, more complex pipelines, keeping all the code in one Jenkinsfile checked-in with each project can become hard to maintain. Shared libraries let us define methods and variables separate from any individual pipeline. We can reduce whole pipelines to a one-line Jenkinsfile, but that can be just as hard to understand and maintain. In this talk, we'll look at real-world examples of shared libraries to see if we can find examples of that sweet spot where pipelines are a balance of clear and concise.

avatar for Liam Newman

Liam Newman

Liam started his software career as a tester, which might explain why he's such a fan of CI/CD and pipeline as code. He has spent the majority of his software engineering career implementing continuous integration systems at companies big and small. He is a Jenkins project contributor... Read More →

Wednesday September 19, 2018 10:00am - 10:45am
Golden Gate Ballroom B


Safely Upgrading Jenkins Every Single Day
At the last contributor Summit, Kohsuke Kawaguchi challenged us to make Jenkins usable from zero to continuously delivering a project in under five clicks and less than five minutes.

We are working on providing a brand new, strongly opinionated and continuously delivered distribution of Jenkins: Jenkins Evergreen. It is constantly self-updating, including auto-rollback, with an aggressive subset of verified plugins.

In this talk, we will detail how we upgrade Jenkins itself. How instances are sending health data back to the project to help automate decision-making about the quality of new releases, generalize a given version of Jenkins or a plugin to the whole fleet, or roll it back.
[1] https://git.io/vxmPh

avatar for Baptiste Mathus

Baptiste Mathus

Baptiste has been using and contributing to Jenkins for more than 10 years. He is now working on Jenkins Evergreen, an initiative to provide an automatically updating distribution for Jenkins.

Wednesday September 19, 2018 3:45pm - 4:30pm
Golden Gate Ballroom A