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Tuesday, September 18


CI/CD for cloud native applications on Kubernetes
-Provide a sneak peek into the brand new Kube CD product that is powered by Jenkins X, an open source project.

-Articulate the differentiating factors of Kube CD to organizations and explain why this isn’t “yet another pipeline.”

-Illustrate the pillars of continuous everything (integration | testing | delivery | deployment) through this new product.

-Uncover all the “stuff” that lies under the hood like Jenkins declarative pipeline-as-code, cloud, GitHub integration, Helm, Docker, Kubernetes, Skaffold etc.

-Demonstrate GitOps, a great way to manage environments, application configuration and app versions.

avatar for Juni Mukherjee

Juni Mukherjee

Juni is a thought citizen in the DevOps space, and is a product marketer at CloudBees.She has helped small, medium, and large organizations implement the continuous paradigm and has led projects that improve Time2Market. She has worked across diverse domains like identity, security... Read More →

Tuesday September 18, 2018 11:15am - 12:00pm
Nob Hill A-D


Reimagine your pipeline: Deliver software with confidence
At CapitalOne we are pushing boundaries to move completely to public cloud.We developed a suite of services which innovatively used Jenkins to provide amazing experience to the developers ,providing them a huge amount of flexibility and also meet certain enterprise enforcements.The developers could write code with any build tool of choice and with any branching strategy they liked.We made sure, the code pushed to production has been peer reviewed, statically analyzed, Open-source vulnerabilities checked and QA tested.We built a mechanism to provide a custom made Jenkinsfile to developers and made these files very simple to follow. We provided clever ways for developers to control the flow.

avatar for Ishu Gupta

Ishu Gupta

Senior Software Engineer, CapitalOne
Ishu is a Senior Software Engineer in CapitalOne. He is a core contributor of devops tools and services in Financial services for CapitalOne. He is leading Jenkins adoption and utilization for devops in my line of business. He is passionate to help developers and provide them all... Read More →
avatar for Brajesh Kumar

Brajesh Kumar

Director, Software Delivery, Capital One
 Brajesh Kumar, Director is leading Software Delivery experience for Financial Service within Capital One. He is leading a talented team of folks whose mission is to automate everything and create great experience for our software engineer. His goal is to create an awesome software... Read More →

Tuesday September 18, 2018 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Nob Hill A-D


Using Docker for Development
Wouldn't it be great for a new developer on your team to have their dev environment totally set up on their first day? What about having your CI tests running in the background while you work on new features? What about having the confidence that your dev environment mirrors testing and prod? Containers enable this to become reality, along with other great benefits like keeping dependencies nice and tidy and making packaged code easier to share. Come learn about the ways containers can help you build and ship software easily, and walk away with two actionable steps you can take to start using Docker for

avatar for Laura Frank Tacho

Laura Frank Tacho

As the Director of Engineering at CloudBees and a Docker Captain, Laura's primary focus is making tools for other developers. At CloudBees, she works on improving the Docker infrastructure of the Codeship product and overall experience for all users of the CI/CD platform. Previously... Read More →

Tuesday September 18, 2018 3:45pm - 4:30pm
Nob Hill A-D


Continuous Delivery Best Practices with Jenkins and GKE
 Jenkins is one of the most popular CI systems in the world. It’s flexibility and ecosystem allow it to be used for almost any task. In this talk we will show prescriptive guidance on how to deploy, configure, and use Jenkins to create robust CI/CD pipelines for Kubernetes and other platforms.

avatar for Vic Iglesias

Vic Iglesias

Vic Iglesias is a Staff Solutions Architect at Google with years of experience in both on-premise and in-cloud workload deployment, orchestration, and management. He works with Google Cloud customers and the Kubernetes community to create and implement the best possible software development... Read More →

Tuesday September 18, 2018 4:45pm - 5:30pm
Nob Hill A-D
Wednesday, September 19


Auto-Cascading Security Updates Through Docker Images
Suppose all of your docker images have a security vulnerability, now how do you force a rebuild of these images? How do you deploy the new images without breaking things? In this talk, you’ll learn how to push and audit cascading security updates to hundreds of docker images. All of the tooling we will use is open source so you can easily take advantage of it.You will also learn how to integrate the cascading updates into your Jenkins CI/CD system which enables performing a verified cascade in the correct order.

avatar for Andrey Falko

Andrey Falko

Andrey Falko was a Principal Software Engineer at Salesforce for 9 years, where he built and scaled CI systems for three different groups. Use cases have been large systems such as Salesforce's flagship CRM product, a virtual machine and container management system, and more recently... Read More →

Wednesday September 19, 2018 10:00am - 10:45am
Nob Hill A-D


CloudBees CodeShip -- Cloud Native CI/CD as a service
Engineering organizations of all sizes are adopting the cloud, enabling them to develop and ship software faster and easier than ever before. Learn how a cloud-native CI/CD platform like CloudBees CodeShip can give you a customizable, reliable, and highly performant CI/CD system that runs in the cloud and scales with the needs of your modern engineering organization.

avatar for Dennis Newel

Dennis Newel

avatar for Laura Frank Tacho

Laura Frank Tacho

As the Director of Engineering at CloudBees and a Docker Captain, Laura's primary focus is making tools for other developers. At CloudBees, she works on improving the Docker infrastructure of the Codeship product and overall experience for all users of the CI/CD platform. Previously... Read More →

Wednesday September 19, 2018 1:30pm - 2:15pm
DevOps Theater


Disruptive Change at Scale
Daniel Ritchie from Broadridge Financial discusses how the rapid rise of DevOps creates unique challenges for established enterprises. How does one maintain organizational standards without discouraging innovation? We will share our successes targeting cloud efforts for strategic influence, discuss why Jenkins is ideally suited to orchestrate cross-functional activities across a wide variety of technologies, and review an outcomes-based approach which you can use to effect disruptive change at scale.

avatar for Daniel Ritchie

Daniel Ritchie

Principal Solutions Architect, Broadridge Financial
 As the principal solutions architect for DevOps at a global fintech company, Daniel has helped grow a small team into an organizational Center of Excellence for DevOps. Ask me about: the Pamir Highway and Magpie Supply.

Wednesday September 19, 2018 1:30pm - 2:15pm
Nob Hill A-D


Overcoming the Hurdles to Cloud-Native
Cloud native computing represents a significant industry shift, enabling developers to build and deliver great products faster than before. Moving from data centers, or heavyweight virtual machines, to dynamically orchestrated and scalable container-based applications unlocks velocity, but going from the status quo to Cloud native infrastructure is not always straightforward for organizations with existing customers and applications. On this panel, we'll compare patterns and practices across industry leaders who have accelerated their technology businesses with Cloud native technologies.

avatar for Naggi Asmar

Naggi Asmar

VP of Engineering, Medallia
Naggi Asmar is the Vice President of Engineering at Medallia where he has been for nearly 3 years. He leads the Medallia Cloud Services Org which provides a platform and services that enable Medallia to deliver quality solutions with efficiency at scale. Naggi has more than 20 years... Read More →
avatar for Bo Chheng

Bo Chheng

Senior Director of IT Infrastructure, Sirius XM
 Senior Director of IT Infrastructure 28 years’ experience in the area of Management and Information Technology. Previous experience includes Software Consultant, Application Support Engineer, Database Administrator with the last 12 years in a management/leadership role. Currently... Read More →
avatar for Dee Kumar

Dee Kumar

Vice President, Marketing, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
 Dee Kumar brings over 15 years of cloud computing experience as the Vice President of Marketing at CNCF. Dee is an experienced marketing leader and a resourceful executive. Most recently, Dee was Director of Marketing at Docker where she built developer programs leveraging the Docker... Read More →
avatar for Dana Lawson

Dana Lawson

VP of Engineering, InVision
Dana Lawson is Vice President of Engineering responsible for leading 50+ engineers as part of our platform engineering group covering DevOps, site reliability, and data services, in addition to the core product shared services. She has nearly 20 years of experience as a systems engineer... Read More →
avatar for Gilbert Martin

Gilbert Martin

Sr. Director of Cloud Operations, Apttus
Gilbert Martin is Sr. Director of Cloud Operations at Apttus. In his current position, Gilbert is responsible for the company’s operational growth and sustainability; he oversees Cloud Operations. Prior to joining Apttus, Gilbert has had a long tenure in operations successfully... Read More →
avatar for Sissi Tchehrazi

Sissi Tchehrazi

Business Technology Senior Director, Salesforce
 Sissi Tchehrazi brings more than 25 years of industry and leadership experience to her role as the Business Technology Senior Director at Salesforce. Currently, Ms. Tchehrazi is responsible for delivery engineering services to over 80 scrum teams. The services include continuous... Read More →

Wednesday September 19, 2018 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Nob Hill A-D


Effectively using Kubernetes plugin with Jenkins
Kubernetes is all the fuzz right now but how to utilise its power to run workloads with Jenkins? In this lightning talk we'll dive into Kubernetes plugin of the Jenkins and what are the best practices on how to use it. We'll show you how to run on-demand slaves in Kubernetes with a touch of a button. Pipeline demo included!

avatar for Severi Haverila

Severi Haverila

Senior Consultant, Eficode
Severi Haverila is a senior consultant working in Eficode, a leading Northern European company in Devops, software and automation with offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Severi helps Eficode customers to embrace the idea of Devops by designing processes and pipelines that are... Read More →
avatar for Niklas Tanskanen

Niklas Tanskanen

Consultant, Eficode
Niklas Tanskanen is a seasoned consultant from Eficode, a leading Northern European company in Devops, software and automation with offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Coming from cloud background, Niklas utilises open source software to build the next generation platform of software... Read More →

Wednesday September 19, 2018 3:45pm - 4:30pm
Nob Hill A-D